• India's First Affordable Balloon Sinuplasty System

    SinuCare is an affordable balloon sinuplasty device designed and priced specifically for India, to add another tool in your armamentarium. It has been designed to retain complete control in the hands of the surgeon.

  • Product

    SinuCare is a device to enable a balloon sinus dilation (BSD) procedure in patients with Chronic Rhinosinusitis after medical management has failed to resolve the condition. SinuCare’s novel, patent-pending, double-balloon technology offers ENT surgeons a superior technology to dilate blocked or narrowed sinus openings.


    SinuCare can be used by a trained ENT surgeon to perform BSD as a day care procedure under LA/GA, or as part of a full sinus surgery.

      Key benefits for patients

        Procedure can be done in a day care setting, and under LA
        1. No tissue removal
        2. Faster recovery time
        3. Low risk of complications and side effects

          Key Benefits of SinuCare

            • The Integrated Scope Channel allows for superior visualisation
            • The ergonomics of the system allow for single-handed use
            • The innovative double-balloon technology prevents dilating balloon slippage
            • The balloon design and material are optimised to provide tactile feedback while minimising trauma
            • SinuCare has been developed keeping in mind current FESS instrumentation
            • It is designed to cause minimal trauma to surrounding tissue
            1. Who we are

              InnAccel is creating the World's first portfolio of Medical Products Designed, Engineered and PRICED for global emerging markets

              InnAccel is based in Bangalore and has over 30 professionals (engineers, designers, clinicians) at its Innovation Center, led by a team that brings together entrepreneurial, technology development, and clinical experience. We use our proprietary innovation platforms to repeatedly drive innovation towards high-impact, high-value, unmet needs, identified in India. InnAccel aims to be the global leader in such innovation and transform healthcare in India and beyond.

            2. Testimonials

              "The double balloon system is a great idea."

              - Dr. Prabodh Karnik, Dr. L. H. Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai

              "Using the balloon for dilating the frontal osteum, I think it should work, especially in post-op situations. I already find an indication to use it."

              - Dr. V Anand, MCV Memorial ENT Trust Hospital, Pollachi

              "The device appears to be more economical because it combines (every thing) in one single unit and the consumables will be limited. The cost to the patient will be less. So I appreciate your product. I will go for it. ."

              - Dr. Balakrishnan R., Prof & HoD ENT, Manipal University

              “I found the system very nice and user-friendly…and for every endoscopic surgery that we do, we should have the navigation system and balloon on the side so for every eventuality we can use the dilatation.”

              - Dr. Mohan Jagade, Prof & Head of Department, ENT, Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, Mumbai.

              “I thought this was a real value-add proposition in the field of balloon sinuplasty. It is exciting to see an Indian firm coming out and showcasing its device with such professionalism that is normally associated with foreign firms.”

              - Dr. Ravi C. Nayar, Dean – Center for Academic Research, HCG Hospital

              “The product design is really good and it is easy to manipulate into all the three ostea.”

              - Dr. HS Satish, Medical Superintendent & previously HoD ENT, Bangalore Medical College

              “SinuCare and SinuGuide are innovative products [that] are pushing the limits of technology. They are offering the Indian Otolaryngology community a wonderful tool to treat sinus disease in a minimally-invasive fashion.”

              - Dr. Brian H. Weeks, Senta Clinic, San Diego, USA.

              “The fact that InnAccel has taken the ‘Make in India’ story to a higher level speaks volumes of their effort. I think they have got some wonderful products. I am very happy to try them out, and if they work, I am very happy to adopt them as well.”

              - Dr. Prof Ravi Ramalingam, KKR ENT Hospital & Research Center, Chennai

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              India's First Affordable Balloon Sinuplasty System

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              InnAccel will train and certify ENT surgeons who are interested in using SinuCare in their practice. To sign up for certification, or to learn more, please contact us at sinucare@innaccel.com.


              +91 9650928582

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